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Why Cash-Based PT?

At Infinite Athlete Physical Therapy, we are here to serve YOU; not insurance companies. As a cash-based physical therapy practice, we are able to provide you with the highest level of one on one care based on the treatments that are individualized to your needs. In traditional insurance-based PT practices, the providers will only perform treatments that are approved by insurances. At Infinite Athlete PT, we are not limited by insurance telling us what we can and cannot do. 


At Infinite Athlete, we believe that trust and transparency are key to having a successful relationship with our clients. This means that rates are discussed up front, no co-pays at 2-3 visits per week, and no bills received months after treatment. By eliminating the middle man (insurance), you know exactly how much you will pay, and don't have to worry about insurance companies cutting off your visits unexpectedly. 

One on One Care

You will have a Doctor of Physical Therapy with you during the entire process. You will not have to worry about being passed on to a student, tech, or other provider. With one on one care, your PT will be able to provide a personalized treatment plan to help you reach your desired goals and provide you with the appropriate attention/guidance necessary every step of the way. We understand that your time is valuable so we want deliver the best care possible in order to save you time and potentially money!

Why is Cash-based PT more beneficial to you as the patient?

In the following example, we compare the rehabilitation from 2 athletes recovering from ACL reconstructive surgery. The first patient, Sam, chose a cash-based PT clinic for his recovery. The second patient, John, uses a local insurance-based clinic.

Cash-based PT


Insurance-Based PT

one-hour sessions

Avg # of Visits

one-hour sessions

6 Hrs

Time Spent with PT

4 Hrs

During most of the appointments, the PT only spends 15 minutes with the patient. The rest of the treatment is spent working with a PT tech or student. The PT was also treating 2 other patients simultaneously

$1,080 out of pocket

Avg Total Cost

$1080 out of pocket

Average insurance co-pay is $45 per visit after meeting the deductible ($45x24 visits=$1080). If deductible is not met, average visit cost is $152 per session until deductible is met. Patient will receive additional bill in the mail for the remaining cost.

Sam completed his PT sessions early and was able to return to sport. More importantly, he was provided with an indiviualized exercise maintanance program to prevent future injury. 


John has been discharged from PT due to limited insurance visits. He continues to have strength deficits due to lack of progression and is still doing the same exercises that he was given on day 1 of PT. He feels like he is nowhere near ready to return to sport.

By the time the physical therapy plan of care was completed, Sam had spent the same amount of money out of pocket as John (not including the bill that John would later receive in the mail). Sam was fully prepared for his return to sport while John continued to struggle to find his way back onto the playing field even though he had spent three times the amount of time in rehab as Sam. 

Which path will you choose for your recovery?
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